Instantly generate Direct Scene-Referred (DSRTM) colour profiles on set with the Panaluxe Smart colour target: Type 1

Panaluxe Smart colour target and wooden case

Smart target - Classic

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Smart target - Carbon

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Person holding Panaluxe Smart colour target The Smart target allows creators to perfectly colourmatch shots regardless of camera, lens, lighting or optical filters.


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Filter image A digital bullseye filter is applied to the RAW image.

Filter image The RAW data is then demosaiced around the Smart target.

Filter image Fine alignment markings are used to correct for distortion.

Filter image The Roundcode is used to retrieve a unique factory profile.

Filter image A vignette map is calculated.

Filter image A Direct Scene-Referred profile (DSRTM) is then embedded.


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Panaluxe Smart colour target illustration
Smart colour target: Type 1

Perfect colour

Every time

Panaluxe is opening their development beta program.

Public release is slated for early 2023.

If you are a camera manufacturer, software company
or production house who would like to integrate
Panaluxe Smart colour tech in your products,
please send an introductory e-mail to: